At PCM (Precast Concrete Manawatu), we are experts in our field and specialists in the Precast Concrete Industry

 and we’re proud to showcase some of our projects below.







Contemporary Townhouse

Precast Panels created an impressive and striking entrance to this house.



54 Kimbolton Rd, Feilding

The use of precast concrete panelling will see this retail project take form really quickly.



Delta Stock Crates, Feilding

Still under construction, the precast panelling walls are perfect for this type of structure.



FMG, Palmerston North

This multi storey building will see a number of various precast concrete panelling installed throughout its build.



Kauri Healthcare, Palmerston North

The panels on the bottom third of this building are 13mm exposed aggregate finished with a clear coat sealer finish to give it some depth as well as protection.

A horizontal tapered rebate and the top 2/3 walls being prepared to a  smooth painted finish.




Big Barrel, Palmerston North

A total of 38 Precast Concrete Panels will form a robust framework structure for the new Big Barrel Liquor Store in Cloverlea, Palmerston North.







Penny Engineering, Palmerston North

Penny Engineering is expanding their existing premises to provide better production workflow for their operation.  The nature of their industry requires strong construction material and precast is the best option for this.



D.K.S.H, Palmerston North

Currently under construction, the D.K.S.H project is a great example of Precast Concrete at its best!  With precision, each panel is carefully craned into position to form a large solid wall where the panels are held by a solid foundation and joined by a series of weld plates.


Media Works, Palmerston North

Once the foundations of a grand old beauty, and now the home of the new Media Works building. Standing strong and tall in its place, the new generation building  proudly showcases some fine detailed Precast Concrete panelling adding interest to the exterior walls.


667 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North

A Commercial Retail Outlet almost ready for business. Precast Concrete panelling encompasses the exterior of the large commercial building to give it it’s own distinct identity as it complements the large expansive glass area.


Kapiti Stunner, Raumati

Precast Panels were always intended to be part of the exterior design of this fabulous Raumati Beach home.  Built to last and to withstand all of the  harsh elements that living right on the coast can sometimes throw at you.



Doncaster Place, Palmerston North

Showcasing a stylish but rustic look of an internal textured Precast Concrete fire place. Featuring a solid mantle and hearth, the large concrete area retains heat from the fire helping to maintain a constant temperature throughout this award winning home.



Montgomery Terrace, Palmerston North

A simple but impressive solid fence, offering privacy as well as reducing any road noise. The Precast Concrete structure offers a blank canvas for the garden to mature where eventually the fence will deliberately become part of the landscape.



Lollipops – Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North

A decorative panel in the main entrance way of this Childcare Centre adds interest and culture by the use of varying levels and material.



Humphries Construction – Connolly Place, Palmerston North

The Humphries Construction Building cleverly showcases the diversity of building materials  especially with the use of Precast Concrete Panels.



Steel & Tube – Palmerston North

Precast Concrete panelling being a popular and viable choice with commercial buildings, providing a strong structure as well as the advantage of being low maintenance.



Reese Agri – Palmerston North

Another commercial building where Precast Concrete panels were use.



Big Chill – Palmerston North

Another commercial building that highlights the Precast Concrete panelling throughout.


Dairy Feed Pad

One of the earlier jobs completed by Precast Concrete Manawatu.



Silage Bunker

Precast Concrete is very diverse and can be use for a number of projects and this large Silage Bunker is no exception.